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ZXQ Vineyards

ZXQ Vineyards is located in San Diego’s San Pasqual Agricultural Preserve on Highland Valley Road.

The owner, Andrew Klotz (you can call him “Andy”) moved to this area in 2002.

At that time, the property was planted almost entirely with Hass Avocados.

In 2007, the Witch Creek and Guajito fires scorched most of the property and destroyed the main residence.

After rebuilding, multiple factors contributed to the decision to remove most of the damaged avocado tress and replace them with grape vines.

Andy studied Viticulture and Enology as an undergraduate at U.C. Davis in 1977 during his pre-veterinary studies.

As an undergraduate, his dorm building also housed students with family names like Heitz and  Phelps. (Those guys brought some pretty good wine to the parties!)

Little did Andy know at that time they he would return to viticulture and enology all these years later.