September 2019

1,000 vines of Temprenillo fruit  and 50 Vines of Merlot Grapes from ABK Farms

  • 2019 is our 3rd harvest year
  • Selling the Temprenillio grapes for $1,200 per Ton
  • Merlot grapes will be $0.85 per pound because we only have 50 vines
  • Vineyard netted and ready to go
  • We will be harvesting in the next 2 weeks
  • We are located in Valley Center, CA
  • Contact Corey Kelly at if you have any questions


July 2019

Chardonnay Grapes

  • Grown in Valley Center on Castle Crest Rd.
  • $1,800 per ton – delivery not included
  • We can provide weekly Brix and pH numbers.
  • Contact Al Stehly (760) 519-8939 or

June 2019

12-17 Tons of Grapes

  • Award-winning grapes available this Fall
  • Selling by contract
  • Details and pricing according to whether sold by block, by ton-buyer harvested or by ton my crew harvests
  • Please contact Sandy Mubarak Co-Winemaker, Old Coach Vineyards & Winery –


100 Barrels


50 Reckon Barrel Racks

40 gallon Hydro Press