July 2019

Chardonnay Grapes

  • Grown in Valley Center on Castle Crest Rd.
  • $1,800 per ton – delivery not included
  • We can provide weekly Brix and pH numbers.
  • Contact Al Stehly (760) 519-8939 or al@stehlygrove.com

June 2019

Marchisio Pigiadiraspatrice T50 INOX

  • Destemmer with Optional Crusher
  • T50 INOX
  • Manufactured: 2007
  • Destemmer with optional centrifugal crusher, depending on which screw is installed. One will send the grapes after destemming to the centrifugal crusher pump, the other will send the grapes out without crushing. Both screws are included (currently, the whole berry screw is installed). Also included is 10′ of 4″ hose with clamp for the whole berry port. It is currently wired for 230 V single-phase, but can be rewired for 115 V.
  • Asking $2,500. Buyer is responsible for local pickup or arranging shipping from Charlie & Echo – 8680 Miralani Road #113 San Diego, CA 92126
  • Information on the current model of this machine is on Page 14 of the Marchisio catalog here
  • View Charlie & Echo’s post for more information
  • Contact Eric Van Drunen at echo@charlieandecho.com

12-17 Tons of Grapes

  • Award-winning grapes available this Fall
  • Selling by contract
  • Details and pricing according to whether sold by block, by ton-buyer harvested or by ton my crew harvests
  • Please contact Sandy Mubarak Co-Winemaker, Old Coach Vineyards & Winery –  sandy@oldcoachvineyards.com


100 Barrels


50 Reckon Barrel Racks

40 gallon Hydro Press


March 2019

Busher Press RPF50

Vineyard materials

  • Unused and like-new condition
  • Prices paid 10 years ago
  • All items are subject to prior sale – first come, first served
  • All prices are negotiable
  • Shown by appointment only
    • Contact: Eric Metz, Lenora Winery, Ramona, 442-999-1014