Tasting Room Hours

Open most Saturdays and Sundays, noon to dusk. Check our website for exceptions. Also open by appointment. Call or email us for details.

Highland Valley Vineyards

Highland Valley Vineyards is a boutique micro winery perched on the edge of beautiful Highland Valley in the San Diego foothills. On our hillside vineyards, we grow Bordeaux variety grapes and together with other fruit carefully selected, we hand style robust red wines.
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In 2007 we acquired our property in Highland Valley and in 2009 began construction on the winery and vineyard. Grapes have been grown in this valley for over a hundred years. As a nod to that long history, we named our vineyard/winery Highland Valley Vineyards and built the winery in 1920’s craftsman-style design.

We blend old craft with new technologies to hand style wines of character and distinction. Our special interest is big red wines with full body, a great finish but retaining nice fruit and nose. We have sourced our grapes from here in San Diego (South Coast), Mexico, Paso Robles (Central Coast), Amador County (Sierra Foothills), and Dry Creek Valley (Sonoma County North Coast).
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In addition to winemakers, we are now winegrape farmers, completing the path from earth to bottle. We utilize sustainable farming techniques to minimize our impact on the land and maximize the quality of our fruit.