Grangetto's Farm & Garden Supply ( For All Your Vineyard Needs )
Detailed Information

Here at Grangetto’s we take pride in providing quality products. But that is not our only goal. We strive to provide the best customer service to you. That means fast, efficient service, where you can get the products you need and the advice your looking for all in one place. Our Customer Service Representatives will take the time to answer all you Vineyard questions, show you the best products for your needs and load your car for you. We won’t sell you a product just to sell it to you, we’ll give you recommendations and solutions.

We also have licensed PCAs & CCAs to assist you with your pest problems in your Vineyards. We can asses your Vineyards to determine the best method to handle your pest problem, write a recommendation and coordinate the job with a ground or aerial spraying technician using the latest technology. Once complete, we can provide the necessary products needed at a competitive price. Why go anywhere else when you have the convenience of having it all handled in one place! Contact Matthew Noreen Commercial Manager & Vineyard Specialist for more information at or call 760 745-4671 ext.214

Any recommendations or suggestions made by Grangetto’s are based on established sources and standards, but Grangetto’s and/or its representatives are not responsible for any reliance on them. Users of certain chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.), whether they are considered environmentally safe or not, are required to obtain an Operator Identification Number from the California County of Agricultural Department before the products can be sold.