The 115 wineries in the county saw a 9.4 percent increase in gross sales with more grapes being grown in the region than ever before

SAN DIEGO – November 14, 2018 – The San Diego County Vintners Association (SDCVA), a trade organization dedicated to supporting the winemaking community in San Diego County, released the 2018 San Diego County Economic Impact of Wineries report today. The 13-page report, which is an updated analysis from the 2017 San Diego County Economic Impact of Wineries report, states the San Diego County wine industry generated a $50 million economic impact in the region in 2017, a $19.6 million increase from 2016.

Written by an independent economic analyst, Vince Vasquez, the report relies on survey data, California ABC licenses and San Diego County records to calculate the economic health and expansion of the wine industry in San Diego County.

“Our wine industry is going gangbusters right now and has emerged as a significant player in our local economy,” said County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, whose district includes Ramona and other winery hotspots. “I see a real can-do spirit among our vintners and the county will continue to do all it can to encourage this growth.”

San Diego County is experiencing seven years of record growth in the number of active winegrower licenses in the county. There are currently 174 winegrower licenses (the ABC permit required to operate a vineyard/winery), and 115 actively operated wineries in the county. In 2017, area wineries generated about $26,134,100 in gross sales, a 9.4 percent increase from 2016. Additionally, the total number of wine industry jobs increased in 2017 by 7.3 percent. The report also shows that local winemakers gave high satisfaction marks for the 2017 harvest yield and quality, with more acres harvested for wine grapes in San Diego County than ever before.

“Our winemakers work hard throughout the year to produce diverse, high-quality wines, many of them award-winning, to showcase that San Diego County is becoming an important region for California wine production,” said San Diego County Vintners Association President Ed Embly, owner of Hungry Hawk Vineyards in Escondido.  “Many are unaware that San Diego County was the first county to produce wines in California. This report shows the steady resurgence of San Diego County wine making and we are proud to see that the fruit of our labor is making a positive impact on the county’s economy.”

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About the San Diego County Vintners Association

The San Diego County Vintners Association (SDCVA) is a non-profit trade association that supports the winemaking community throughout San Diego County (south of Temecula). With 115 artisan and family-owned wineries and vineyards throughout the county, and a wide range of microclimates allowing for cultivation of a wide variety of grape types, San Diego County wine country is extremely diverse.  The ways to enjoy San Diego wine are diverse, too. From stylish urban wineries, to award-winning tasting rooms and picturesque vineyards, San Diego provides an array of ways to discover artisanal wines. Follow SDCVA on Facebook and Instagram.

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