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Saturday Noon – 5:00pm
Sunday Noon – 5:00pm

Sunrise Vineyards

My wife Ann Marie and I started on this adventure in 2014, moving from the urban community of Carmel Valley in San Diego to the rural community of west Ramona, and an 8-acre plot of land with a gently-sloping East-facing slope descending into Ramona Valley. After clearing the initial acre of land, we planted our first 300 Cabernet Sauvignon vines, FPS clone 47. This was followed in 2015 by clearing another acre and planting 500 more Cabernet Sauvignon vines (same clone) and 500 vines of Sangiovese, FPS 23 (the “Romagnolo clone”). In 2016, we completed our planting by adding 300 vines of Sauvignon blanc, FPS 27 (Savagnin musque clone) and 200 vines of Touriga nacional, a Portuguese varietal, with an eye towards using this varietal for blending. (An experimental batch made in 2020, blending some of our Block 5 Cabernet with most of the Touriga, bears this combination out.)