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Principe di Tricase Winery

Overlooking the beautiful Highland Valley of Ramona there are about 4 acres of grapes that enjoy the breeze, which blows most of the day.

The Aglianico grape, (pronounced “A-ya-nicoâ€), originated from the word Hellenic, Ellenico in Italian, means, “from Greece.â€ Around the 1500ad its name transformed to Aglianico. In Italy, Aglianico is considered the Barolo of the south.

Our Aglianico grapes were first planted in early 2007. Approximately, 2000 vines were planted both on the east and west sides of the vineyard. Followed, was the Nebbiolo, planted only on the east side.

In 2008 and 2011 we added the Aleatico grapes. We produce two kinds of wines from this grape: a dry wine and sweet dessert wine, both with incredible aromas.
We produce a small amount of the dessert wine by using the ancient method, using sun-dried Aleatico grapes with 40% brix.
Wikipedia claims that, “Aleatico may very well be the most ancient wine grape.â€

Before the Romans times, the Greek settlers brought the first Aglianico grapes to Naples, Italy (Nea Polis or New City). From there, because of its particular characteristics, the Romans adopted the grape to make the very first commercial wine, the Falerno and exported it in the whole Roman world.

Recent studies that were made on the skin of the Aglianico grapes, have shown unique preserving capabilities.

The Nebbiolo is a grape mostly grown in the northern Italian region of Piemonte.
From the Nebbiolo grapes, the Barolo wine is made and it is one of the most coveted Italian wines.

**Our Wines**

*2012 Dark Rose Aglianico*

Ramona Valley Estate Wine, Alc. 12.9%

– Silver Medal 2013 – Orange County International Competition.
– Bronze Medal 2014 – Finger Lakes International competition, Rochester, NY.
– Bronze Medal 2014 – Toast of the Coast, San Diego Wine Competition.

This pleasing rosé is so red it could pass as a Chianti. This dry Rose’ offers a refreshing palate-cleansing quality throughout. The nose has cherry, strawberry, is light and fresh with forest berry and cranberry aromas.
Aglianico is naturally high in malic acid and you can taste that crispness here.

*2011 Aleatico*

Ramona Valley Estate Wine, Alc. 13.5%

The nose is redolent of rose petal, cranberry-raspberry.
The wine is deeply layered with thick and juicy fruit flavors.

*2011 Aglianico*

Ramona Valley Estate Wine, Alc. 13.2%

– Silver Medal 2012 – Riverside County international competition.
– Silver Medal 2013 – San Diego County Fair Commercial wine Competition.

This special wine was aged for 18 months in oak and shows a massively long and intense finish, with evolving notes of black berries, ash, prune, spice, there’s a long tail of black fruit on the finish.

*2012 Aglianico sulfites free*

Ramona Valley Estate Wine, Alc. 13%

– Silver Medal 2014 – Rochester NY Finger Lakes International competition.

Some 18 months of oak aging adds elements of dark spice and smoke; and the wine shows firm tannins and a long, polished mouthfeel. It’s very elegant and should withstand many more years of cellar aging.
No sulfites where used on the grapes and during the wine process.

*2012 Trio*

34% Aglianico Ramona Valley Estate Wine – 33% Cab. Sauvignon – 33% Cab. Franc. Temecula Valley. Alc.13%

– Bronze Medal 2014 – Rochester NY Finger Lakes International competition.

Is a bold and plush wine with ripe aromas of blackberry pie, clove and nutmeg. Its velvety, smooth mouthfeel helps balance the wine’s overall austerity.

*2013 Aglianico Sweet Rose*

Ramona Valley Estate Wine, Alc. 9%

Is a young fresh wine with a sparkle! The nose has strawberry and rhubarb cake aromas.