Tasting Room Hours

Tues.-Sat. 4-8:30pm

LJ Crafted Wines

A one-of-a-kind winery owned by Lowell & Anne Jooste, who relocated to La Jolla from Cape Town, South Africa 9 years ago with their 4 children.  Lowell is 4th generation in the wine industry.

With single-use bottles representing nearly half of wine production’s greenhouse gas emissions, our goal is to establish a high-quality wine business focusing on growlers / re-useable bottles.  To achieve this, we make our wine in Napa Valley, ship the full barrels to La Jolla and using our patented equipment, serve the wine directly out of the barrel into growlers or by the glass.  Accompanied by a small menu. Up to August 2021, we have been through 372 barrels or put another way, this concept has saved 110,000 single-use bottles (50 tons of glass) from production & waste.