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Thursday – Sunday
11AM – 7:30PM

reservations can be made on our website at http://www.hilltopwinery.com or call us at 760-913-1013

Address: 30801 Valley Center Rd, Valley Center CA, 92082

Hill Top Winery

Finished Bulk Wine For Sale

  • Please contact Michael Schimpf for additional information


Hill Top Winery Grapes For Sale

Contact:     Michael Schimpf         858-405-9314

Variety Available Quantity Vineyard Years Asking Price
Cabernet Sauvignon 10 tons 13 $1,200/ton
Merlot 3 tons 13 $1,200/ton
Cabernet Franc 2 tons 4 $1,200/ton
2019 HTR Grenache Noir 4 tons 5 $1,200/ton
Muscat Canelli 3 tons 4 $1,200/ton
Tempranillo 5 tons 6 $1,200/ton
Zinfandel 5 tons 6 $1,200/ton

Hill Top Winery Equipment for Sale

Contact:     Michael Schimpf         858-405-9314

  • 1 –  6-Bottle More Wine Professional Wine Filler ($2,200.00):
    • Gravity fillers are the preferred filler for achieving the same fill height in every bottle. Gravity fillers fill to a height you determine and then shut off automatically. They are dependable, simple to operate, have no electrical parts, and few moving parts.  The adjustable stainless tray that the bottles sit on can be moved up and down to account for different bottle sizes, allowing you to fill 1.5 L, 750 mL or 375 mL bottles. A favorite of small wineries, clubs, and out-of-control home winemakers.


  • 1 –  TOSA Capsule Spinner ($950.00):
    • TOSA-MECC’s Foil Spinners are used by bottlers to smoothly and evenly apply foil capsules.  This heavy-duty machine is designed for continuous commercial production.  This standard bottle capsule spinner accepts bottles up to 38 mm in diameter.


  • 1 –  525-gallon Snyder Industries Polyethylene Plastic Tank ($525.00)


  • 2 –  1,500L G.W. Kent Stainless Steel Tanks ($3,395.00 each)
    • Variable capacity (up to 1,500L or 397 gallons), conical bottom, dimple cooling jacket, racking port, level sight gauge, sanitary thermometer stainless steel tank with a pneumatic food grade rubber tube sealed floating lid, lid lifting arm, and round manway door.


  • 2 –  60-gallon Stainless Steel Barrels ($595.00 each)


  • 1 –  Stainless Steel Double Barrel Rack ($215.00)


  • 1 –  Eno Soluzioni Destemmer-Crusher ($2,000.00):
    • Centrifugal stainless steel destemmer and crusher with rotating stainless-steel auger


  • 1 –  Eno Soluzioni Wine Filter ($2,200.00):
    • 20 x 20 cm plate filter made of stainless steel and food safe filter material that can be used to clarify and sterilize wine, oils, vinegars, etc.  that utilizes a stainless-steel pump and pressure gauge.


  • 1 –  Wine Bottle Corker ($1,995.00):
    • Four-jaw cork compressor, double guiding rod, automatic bottle locking, can handle natural or synthetic corks, and handle bottle sizes up to 1.5L for a relatively effortless corking experience.


  • 1 –  Kreyer Chilly 45 ($5,399.00)
    • This Chilly45 unit allows you to easily cool your ferment temperatures, cold-stabilize smaller insulated tanks, or maintain a wine tank storage temperature. This unit can be used inside the winery or placed in a covered position on the outside of the winery


  • 2  –  Marchisio 585-gallon Stainless Steel Tanks ($2,750.00 each):
    • Variable capacity (up to 2,150L or 585-gal), flat bottom, stainless steel tank with a pneumatic food grade rubber tube sealed floating lid, lid lifting arm, and clean out door.